US Senate Approves Huge Support Package for Ukraine and Israel

US support package for Ukraine and Israel

This article was last updated on February 13, 2024

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A New Support Package is Being Developed by the US for Ukraine and Israel

The United States Senate has passed a new aid package intended for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, valued at over 88 billion euros. This financial support package now needs to be approved by the House of Representatives before it can be finalized. The fate of the aid package, which received votes on a Sunday, remains uncertain as far as American media outlets are concerned. The Republicans hold the majority of seats in the House and Mike Johnson, the Chairman, already voiced his opinion that he finds the existing proposal unsatisfactory. Florida’s Republican senator, Rick Scott, also does not place much faith in the support package. He shared his thoughts in a speech earlier today, stating categorically, “This will not pass the House, it will not become law.” Inclusive in the proposal is a fund of approximately 56 billion euros dedicated to Ukraine. With an additional 13 billion euros being allocated to Israel, and more than 8.5 billion euros to be used for humanitarian aid in regions such as the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Republicans Ask for Concessions in Exchange for Support

Discussions surrounding a new aid package for Ukraine have been in the works for several months in US politics. Because the Democrats, currently led by President Joe Biden, require the support of Republicans, they are open to making certain concessions. These primarily include tighter control measures to cut down the influx of migrants from Mexico. The issue of border control and how to limit the steady flow of immigrants are key talking points in Donald Trump’s election campaign. Trump is in opposition to the aid package and would rather see the support given in the form of loans. Reacting to the Senate vote, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his appreciation to the senators who voted in favor of the proposed aid. Using the messaging service X, Zelensky stated that the United States’ support is helping Ukraine “rescue lives from Russian terror.”

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