B.C. Conservative Leader Justifies Candidate Scrutiny Amid Third Dismissed

B.C. Conservative Leader John Cummins justified that his party is doing the best it could to scrutinize their candidates, provided the limited resources available, after it announced to drop three candidates in the first weeks of the campaign. The provincial Tories recently dismissed Mischa Popoff, in the Boundary-Similkameen riding, due to his comments in a newspaper column, which Cummins claims were found to be insensitive and disrespectful to women and single mothers in particular.

Cummins elucidated that “the folks that are examining the track records, if you will, of our candidates are all volunteers. They’ve been working their hearts out and sometimes you’re going to make mistakes or you don’t investigate deeply enough. That happens.” He cautiously mentioned that “you can’t anticipate everything. We’ve done the best that we can with the resources that we can. I think our vetting process for the most part has been quite good.” Additionally, Cummins added that “we’ve gone back as far as we can on the Google.”

Furthermore, Cummins explained that “we’ve had a huge number of candidates that we’ve had to check. You go back a hundred pages or whatever the case may be. If somebody goes back 500 they may find something. We did the best that we can. Obviously no party wants the kind of embarrassment that comes when you have to pull somebody’s ticket but that’s what happens. That’s life.” In a statement defending the dismissal of Popoff on late Thursday, the party alleged that “we are a party that believes in a respectful airing of views. Mr. Popoff’s statements were unacceptable and he has been removed as a candidate.”

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  1. Every single-mother I have spoken to tells me the same thing: that she will do everything she can to discourage her daughter from becoming a single mother. I was not “insensitive and disrespectful to women and single mothers” to write what I dcomment_ID in a column. A party that believes in a respectful airing of views should have supported what I sacomment_ID.

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