Calgary Homicide Unit to Investigate Toddler’s Suspicious Death

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The homicide unit of Calgary police made an announcement on Friday, declaring that it has decided to initiate an investigation into the death of a 21-month old girl, Mackenzy Woolfsmith, who died in a private dayhome last year. The police revealed on Friday that Woolfsmith’s death is being considered suspicious due to the medical evidence. The report depicts that the toddler suffered critical injuries due to an incident at a local private dayhome on May 2, 2012, a day after which she passed away in hospital.

In a press conference on Friday, homicide unit Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus, informed reporters that “the new medical evidence that we have is that the victim suffered multiple, blunt force trauma injuries that resulted in her death.” He added that “the homicide unit is now treating this as a suspicious death investigation.” Additionally, he mentioned that “the injuries are inconsistent with what we were told during the early stages of this investigation.” Andrus explained that the Office of the Medical Examiner provided the cause of death, which was later endorsed by multiple experts who consulted with investigators. He added that the only person who had access to the child before her death has stopped co-operating with investigators.

The child’s parents, Dan and Jennifer Woolfsmith, claimed that they are still waiting for answers from the police investigation. In a joint statement released on Friday, they stated that “we want the truth for Mackenzy regardless of how hard it is for us or our families.”

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