Calgary Authorities Fear Toppling of CP Rail Cars Containing Flammable Product

A substantial structural failure of a federally inspected bridge in southeast Calgary has enlarged the possibility of almost five Canadian Pacific rail cars to fall off from the bridge as it is continuously drops toward the Bow River in a slow and discrete manner. Fire Chief, Bruce Burrell, informed reporters that the incident began around 3:30 a.m., and that “the bridge is continuing to drop as we speak.” It was highlighted that the CP Rail Bridge is falling with a speed of more than a foot per hour, worrying the Calgary Fire Department that it might fall into the river.

Even though none of the rail cars have yet tipped over or leaked so far, it is an additional concern for authorities trying to circumvent a possible mishap. It was confirmed that the train cars are carrying a petroleum product, so the roads and buildings surrounding the incident have been evacuated in fear of a massive fire. Deputy Fire Chief, Ken Uzeloc, suspected that “each car could have 80,000 pounds of (flammable) product.” The evacuation caused mayhem on morning traffic, but Uzeloc stated that “we know the headache this creates, especially on Deerfoot. So we’re conscious of that. But obviously the safety of everybody is more important than the commute.”

CP officials have allegedly initiated an investigation into the incident, and stated that “CP emergency protocols were immediately implemented and operational personnel and first responders are on scene assessing the situation.” The company added that “we are working closely with local first responders to ensure all the necessary steps are taken in addressing the situation.”

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