Doug Black Only Senator to Post Spending Details Online

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Out of almost more than a 100 senators of Canada, only one has a habit of continuously publishing his spending details on the internet, along with his attendance record, which depicts his true attendance in the Senate chamber. Sen. Doug Black was appointed to the Senate in January, and since than his expense book delivers almost complete detail of what he bills to the Senate, including the amount spent on hotel stays, flights, and per diem claims for him, his staff and his spouse.

The simple and easy-to-read forms available on the personal website of Black have the privilege of being the most transparent method adopted in comparison to any other senator in the upper chamber, especially amid all the controversy that has embarked upon the red chamber and its spending scandal. During an exclusive interview from Calgary, Conservative senator mentioned that “expenses and attendance and these kinds of matters can become a tremendous distraction to people unless you put it out there.” He pointed out that in case he had not posted his spending details, he would have had to “continually” explain his spending to everyone.

Black resigned from his former position of board chairman at the University of Calgary last year, while he repaid $28,000 in expenses because some of it violated the school’s spending policy. Regardless of that controversy, Black was placed first in the 2012 Alberta Senate elections due to which he was first in line to replace Liberal Joyce Fairbairn after she resigned due to health issues.

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