Senate Committee Chair Declares Wallin Expenses Audit Complete

It has been confirmed that the independent audit probing the expenses of Senator Pamela Wallin is now complete and under process of translation before it is delivered to the Senate’s internal economy committee on Monday. During an interview on Tuesday, Senator Gerald Comeau revealed that the RCMP, which is investigating the expense claims of three other senators, has not officially asked for a copy of the audit.

The chair of the Senate committee looking into Wallin’s expense claims, Comeau, alleged that it will be up to the committee to decide whether or not to send a copy of audit to the RCMP at the time of their upcoming meeting next week, or in case they decide to make the report public. Comeau stated that “it depends on what the full committee wants to do with it.” Comeau revealed that the audit report will be first presented to a smaller steering committee on Monday morning that consists of Senator Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, Liberal Senator George Furey and himself. This steering committee will receive a briefing from Deloitte auditors in order to craft a report based on the audit’s findings.

After that, the larger Senate committee on internal economy is scheduled for a meeting on Monday afternoon to receive a revised briefing from Deloitte auditors before they reconvene on Tuesday to receive the steering committee’s report. Comeau reported that Wallin will be allowed to have a look at the audit on Monday morning, alleging that “she’s not going to be [compelled] to come, but she’s welcome to come before the committee. So she’s told she’s welcome.”

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