Premier Wynne Aims to Aid Municipalities in Luring More Business

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Premier Kathleen Wynne has aimed for her minority Liberal government to step up and help municipalities in luring more business. Addressing the audience at the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Ottawa on Monday, Wynne stated that “we want to cut red tape to attract investment across the province and create new jobs in your communities.” She mentioned that “to that end . . . we’re moving forward with the ‘Investment Ready Program.’ It is Canada’s first province-wide certified site program.”

The premier further elucidated her plans, alleging that “it shows companies around the world the places in your municipalities that are ready to be developed, giving them some certainty about environmental concerns, utility lines, servicing access.” It was explained that “it means businesses can quickly make more informed decisions and help expansion projects get under way sooner. For municipalities, it provides another tool to promote your communities, attract new investment and foster growth. It does that upfront work that’s so critical.”

On the other hand, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, who will also be addressing the same audience on Monday along with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, repeatedly critiqued Wynne for not making it a priority to enhance job creation. Hudak pointed out that this July will be the 79th consecutive month that Ontario will be held at 7.6 per cent unemployment rank, which lags the national average of 7.2 per cent. The Tory leader stated that only a change in government will cure what ails the province after a decade of Liberal rule.

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