Anti-fracking protest at Balcombe: Green MP and son arrested during demonstrations

Green MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas

Green MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas

Green MP Caroline Lucas and her son are arrested while protesting against fracking at Balcombe site in West Sussex – an oil-drilling test plant of energy firm Cuadrilla.

The demonstrators are currently participating in a six-day Reclaim The Power action camp in the West Sussex after Cuadrilla began its exploratory oil drilling at the site.

The Brighton Pavilion MP was taking part in the protest and was a part of road blocking demonstration against the energy company.

Police served a Public Order Act notice earlier on Monday under section 14, telling the crowd might cause serious damage to property or disrupt community life.

As the former party leader was removed from the protest site, Miss Lucas has told the reporters: ‘People here do not need and do not want fracking.

‘What’s at stake is the liveability of our planet and our future.’

 ‘I think it’s right that people are prepared to put their beliefs out there in the way that they are now.

‘People have written to MPs but there is a real sense that the government is not listening.’

Cuadrilla has stated to condemn all illegal direct action against its operations.

Earlier, campaigners forced their way into the company’s HQ in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Six activists also glued themselves to the London HQ of Bell Pottinger, Cuadrilla’s PR company.

Cuadrilla has temporarily suspended its operations at Balcombe site ahead of the six-day protest camp near the site.

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