Queue-Jumping Inquiry Report to Make 12 Recommendations

After months of extensive queue-jumping inquiry since the first witness was questioned, a much -awaited report on the discoveries of that inquiry is now anticipated to be released soon. A press conference held on Wednesday morning, highlighted all major findings of the inquiry. It was shared that during the inquiry, numerous doctors and healthcare officials alleged having heard of several prominent people having had jumped the queue while waiting for care inside the system, however they were able to point out any specific cases where those individuals were given preferential treatment at any stage.

In the press conference made on Wednesday, Lead Counsel Michele Hollins stated that “the commissioner found that the allegations that were made by Dr. Duckett in 2009 and by Dr. Sherman and others in 2011 were not substantiated by evidence brought before this inquiry.” It was added in the report that Justice John Vertes did not find any evidence that could support the claim of prominent people having being bumped to the front of the line for health care, although he did identify several problems in the system that were mostly stemmed from long waiting lists.

An inquiry official, Eugene Oscapella highlighted that “one of the things it spoke at length about was the problem of wait times, this is a problem that’s not unique to Alberta, it’s common to healthcare systems throughout the world.” He alleged that “why are wait times important? They’re important because if you have long wait times you have incentive to try and jump the queue to get improper preferential access.”

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