Durham Police Demands Retraction of False Accusations by Ontario Ombudsman

Durham Regional Police Chief, Mike Ewles, has demanded in a statement that the Ontario Ombudsman shall publicly retract an accusation made against one of his officers. The accusation made by the Ontario Ombudsman, Andre Marin, was on Aug. 8 when he received several tweets from a Twitter account, calling him “a carded member of Al Qaida” and saying “YOU SIR ARE A COMPLETE DOUCHE BAG! Why don’t you stick your big french nose up your ass instead of business it doesn’t belong.”

Mr. Marin publicly disclosed that the account belongs to Detective Constable, Scott Dennis, of Durham Regional Police, after which the account was quickly shut down. However, later an internal DRPS investigation found out that the Twitter account in question was being used by another officer who was responsible for sending the tweets, though the account was made in the name of name Det. Const. Dennis without his knowledge. The investigation unveiled that Det. Const. Dennis did not have anything to do with the Joe Mayo account, highlighting that he was on an annual leave at the time and was unaware of the existence of the Twitter account.

Consequently, Chief Ewles stated that “I think the notion that someone in Mr. Marin’s position, who is responsible for objective and independent investigations, would rush to judgment the way he did is troubling.” He added that “especially the fact that he went to the extent of disclosing Det. Const. Dennis’s salary. To me the notion of social media as a source of anything other than information isn’t valid, it doesn’t constitute evidence in my opinion. I think he has some explaining to do.”

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