Police to Lay Charges against Cop for Derogatory Tweets to Ontario Ombudsman

Durham Region police has announced its decision to lay charges against a supervising detective, and not a fellow officer whom Ontario Ombudsman André Marin had wrongfully accused to have sent a tweet calling him a terrorist. In a press conference on Monday, Police disclosed that an internal investigation has revealed that the accused officer did not have anything to do with the offensive tweets as he was on annual vacations at the time, and was unaware that the Twitter account even existed. Whereas, police force confessed that the Twitter account was created by another senior colleague who falsely linked it to Officer Scott Dennis.

Mr. Marin had previously informed reporters that a Twitter user with the name “Joe Mayo” has tweeted to him that the Ombudsman was a “carded member” of Al Qaeda. Additionally, the twitter user called Marin a derogatory term, while suggesting that he shall keep out of business where he didn’t belong. The Ombudsman’s office has the mandate of investigating all public complaints against the provincial government and hundreds of commissions and boards.

Police revealed that it chose to investigate the issue after Scott’s name was publicly disclosed by the Ombudsman. However, Police Chief Mike Ewles refrained from confirming the name of the now alleged supervising detective. Ewles only explained during an interview that the culprit is “a supervisor,” and added that “that’s all I will say for now, but his name will be made public at the disciplinary hearing.”

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