N.S. Premier Dexter Assures Balanced Books, Hints at Early Elections

The Premier of Nova Scotia and NDP leader, Darrell Dexter, openly hinted towards his intentions of calling elections soon while he released a party platform on Friday that mostly focused on cutting costs for families by vowing to make things like car seats and strollers exempt from the province’s harmonized sales tax.

Premier Dexter has displayed utter restraint to make sure that he does not reveals election timing, however the platform’s release at a Halifax recreation centre was filled with candidates and campaign workers that expected elections to be announced as soon as Saturday. In case that rumor is true, it will imply that voters shall be going for polls on Oct. 8 in a 31-day campaign. NDP has mostly composed its entire campaign on seven various important commitments, which Dexter announced would not cost the province more than $34.4 million annually. He stated that “the last election was about change. The next election will be about the future,” adding that the “the experience of the NDP means Nova Scotians are seeing a platform that is fully costed to keep the budget balanced.”

Meanwhile, both opposition leaders highly doubt NDP’s ability to fulfill its commitment of a balanced budget that has been forecast for the 2013-14 fiscal year, especially highlighting that the party has promised tax cuts and increased spending. Liberal Leader, Stephen McNeil, mentioned in a statement that “there’s a big page missing and that’s the one with all the details around the costing.”

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