Government must act quickly to resolve families’ lost childcare: NDP

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Parents and children at a childcare program in Toronto were shocked today to discover that the care provided by the school was being effectively shutdown next week. In the legislature this morning, MPP Toronto–Danforth Peter Tabuns called on the Minister of Education to act quickly to save the program at École Napoléon.

“Twelve children and their families will be in a state of crisis without childcare,” said Tabuns. “These children don’t know why they are being separated from their friends, while their parents who have to go to work on Monday are scrambling to find care for them.”

The school has been inspected yearly by the Ministry for the past three years, yet it was only noticed recently that it was operating as an unlicensed childcare centre.

“Chaos could have been avoided at École Napoléon if a few inspections ago, a few years ago, the operator had been told, ‘You need to have a licence for doing this kind of child care work.'” explained Tabuns. “Now parents are facing this upheaval. They’re facing chaos. They’re trying to figure out how to pull their lives together. They’re trying to deal with their children who are upset.”

Tabuns called on the Ministry to consider moving quickly to license the school, if the operator is willing to act swiftly to comply.

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