Rogers Still Aloof of What Caused its Service Failure

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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More than 12 hours past an unknown problem suspended service of voice calls and text messages for Rogers customers through Canada, the company officials claim that they are still unsure what caused the issue while telecommunications experts claim that it could have been a result of multiple of factors. More than a few million users suffered from lack of service for several hours on Wednesday, which began mostly after 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

Company officials have stress that the wireless network was restored shortly before midnight. In an official statement issued by Rogers spokeswoman, Patricia Trott, on early Thursday, she mentioned that “we’re continuing to investigate the root cause of the issue to help ensure it doesn’t happen again.” Later when the officials were inquired again, another Rogers spokeswoman, Jennifer Kett, skipped through the question and alleged that “we’re working through that now.”

A Toronto telecom consultant, Mark Goldberg, admits that it is not easy to speculate what caused such a large-scale failure. However, he believes that such a massive failure of service can only result by a software glitch of some sort, while adding that a malfunction could have been triggered by a physical problem too, such as a damaged fibre-optic cable. He concluded that “to me, it more likely points to software as opposed to a physical problem. But in some cases, a physical problem can create back up and congestion that propagates nationally.” He further explained that “you can restore service in some cases without necessarily knowing what caused the crash.”

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