Langley School Bans Touching in Playground, Parents Confused

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

A recently issued notice have informed all parents that a new school policy has banned any touching by kindergarten students in the playground of a Langley, B.C., elementary school. The policy is receiving polarized review by different parents. Parent Julie Chen claims that she was shocked to learn about the policy from a letter in her child’s backpack on Friday. She alleged that “I was upset. I couldn’t believe they would send us parents something like this.”

A letter authored by the staff at Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School in Aldergrove informed all parents that several incidents in playgrounds have led to multiple injuries, which has prompted the management to deduce a new hands-off policy. It explained that banned activities include fighting games such as “Star Wars games,” plus tag and holding hands. Additionally, the letter said that penalties include being grounded during playtime, or a trip to the office. In her remarks, Chen claims that she believes the new rule goes too far. She stated that “you know now, you are just trying kind of to control them, and contain them, so they don’t do anything out of the norm.”

While several parents have complained the policy is too strict, a spokesperson from the Langley School District, Ken Hoff, alleged that the “temporary measure” was brought in due to reports by several parents of kindergarten children at the school who complained. He stated that “there were some children that were getting minor injuries, to do with some rough play. This was a way of curtailing the behavior.”

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