Media Lawyers Ask Court for More Details in Ford Scandal Case

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Lawyers representing multiple media outlets are once again at the court’s doorstep, this time seeking permission to release left over excerpts of police documents involving Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his associate Alexander Lisi.  In case more portions of the documents are unsealed, they are anticipated to reveal more into Lisi’s relationship with the mayor and his alleged efforts to obtain a video illustrating Mayor Ford smoking crack. 

According to a police document submitted in advance of Wednesday’s legal arguments the video was recorded in February this year, though this information is unconfirmed. The documents are submitted in court in relation to the media’s application to obtain more information from a search warrant relating to Lisi.  At the same time, the embattled Mayor of Toronto was curtailed of the remaining of his special powers by city council on Monday, since he previously admitted having had smoked crack once about a year ago. Sealed court documents are anticipated to include 20 pages long secretly recorded phone conversations, which have so far been kept from the public eye despite recent orders revealing other portions of police investigation in recent weeks. 

Mayor Ford’s alleged ally and occasional driver Lisi, also called Sandro or Alessandro, has been charged with charges of extortion and drug trafficking.  Police also captured a picture of him with Ford this year, while they were making exchanges.  In court, media lawyers asked that “the question is, what was in those packages?” On the other hand, the embattled mayor persistently refuses to discuss it, and has turned away investigators seeking to question him. 

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