Minister Confirms Ousted Ornge CEO Totally Received $9.3M

The governing Liberals finally confirmed on Wednesday that ousted Ornge CEO, Chris Mazza, received a total sum of $9.3-million in a period of six years at the province’s publicly funded air ambulance service. Testifying at a legislative committee on Wednesday, Health Minister Deb Matthews assured that the figure reported recently “is accurate.” She further added that this figure includes everything from salary, bonuses to expenses and other fees.

Mathews assured the committee that a summary sheet explaining what Mazza collected will be provided to “make it all clear.” The committee, which is investigating the Ornge spending scandal, was previously told that Mazza made $1.4-million in a single year, on top of hefty loans totalling $1.2-million. However, a total accumulated figure was not provided until Wednesday. Both opposition parties have critiqued Matthews for not providing the figure to the committee beforehand. In response to which, she replied having had provided two million pages of documents last year that gave plenty of information about Mazza’s compensation.

However, opposition parties claim to have only had found $5.6-million for Mazza in those documents, while adding that a government forensic audit report was also not included, even though the committee asked for all documents related to Mazza’s compensation. In his remarks, Tory Frank Klees mentioned that “the ministry sat on this, and it wasn’t until we called for it this past week that we now have access to this.” Klees further alleged “Transparency? Accountability? The minister has learned no lessons.”

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