Same old plan has same old results: Liberal giveaways let jobs leave Ontario


NDP Bramalea-Gore-Malton MPP Jagmeet Singh says that flashy Liberal announcements and blank-cheques are failing to create or keep good jobs in Ontario. Singh specifically noted that the Liberal government handed manufacturer and health company Novartis a no-strings-attached $4 million cheque in 2011 to create jobs, and today more than 300 Novartis workers in Mississauga found out they will be losing their jobs.


“Another 300 Ontarians are about to be out of a job and wondering how they’ll pay the bills, and instead of using tools like a Job Creator Tax Credit that is working elsewhere, the Liberals are offering the same tired ideas that are leaving people worrying about the future,” said Singh. “The Liberals claimed their across-the-board giveaways would create jobs. Instead we keep seeing jobs leave. It’s time to say that the Liberal plan hasn’t worked, and focus on strategies we know can work.”


Manufacturing employment has shrunk by four per cent in Ontario over the last year. Novartis, the parent company of Ciba, received a $4 million grant from the Liberal government in 2011 on the promise that they would create jobs in Ontario.


“Premier Wynne is great at announcements but not so great at delivering results,” said Singh. “We’re supportive of any plan that creates good jobs, but too often we’ve seen the Liberals hold a press event only to find out later that companies took the money and left.”


New Democrats have long called for the creation of a Job Creator Tax Credit that would reward companies based on real investment in employees and infrastructure. When the Leamington Heinz plant closure was recently announced, Heinz also announced an expansion of facilities in Ohio, where a job creation tax credit is already in place.


“We can’t just sit idly by and blame the recession as jobs continue to leave Ontario in favour of other jurisdictions,” said Singh. “We need to take an active role in job creation by rewarding companies creating jobs with credits like a Job Creator Tax Credit, and making Ontario a competitive jurisdiction to do business in.”

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