Industry Minister Apologizes over Insensitive Remarks for Poor

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A post published on the website of Industry Minister, James Moore, on Monday afternoon offered an apology for his insensitive remarks over child poverty in Canada. He mentioned that “in response to a question from a reporter last week, I made an insensitive comment that I deeply regret. I apologize.” While responding to a query from a reporter, the MP for the B.C. riding of Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam offered his opinions on civic duty in light of increasingly damning reports regarding the state of child poverty in Canada.

He mentioned that “we’ve never been wealthier as a country than we are right now. Never been wealthier,” while adding that “certainly, we want to make sure that kids go to school full-bellied, but is that always the government’s job to be there to serve people their breakfast? Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.” Regardless of how ethically wrong his comments were, he was technically correct since social services are officially a provincial jurisdiction rather than a federal one.

However, in the apology posted on his website, Minister Moore says that “of course poverty is an issue that concerns me, and concerns all Canadians. All levels of government, indeed all members of our society, have a responsibility to be compassionate and care for those in need.” Adding that “while more work is needed, I know the cause of fighting poverty is not helped by comments like those I made last week. For that, I am sorry.”

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