Engineers Inspect Blazed Crane Consequences in Kingston, Ont.

A fire continues to glow over an apartment building in Kingston, Ont. while engineers attempt to gauge the possibility of the heavily damaged crane collapsing on its own. The blazed crane is scheduled to be thoroughly examined by structural engineers on Wednesday, after which they will conclude whether it will fall on its own, and if it does, in which direction.

The crane that broke into flames on Tuesday afternoon prompted a vivid helicopter rescue of a worker trapped on it at the time when fire broke out at a downtown student housing complex construction site. According to the Mayor of Kingston, Mark Gerretsen, the heat from the fire resulted in the metal on the crane to bend. He revealed on Wednesday that “that’s what’s limiting the fire department’s capabilities from getting any closer to the source of the fire —  because of that threat of the crane falling and injuring firefighters.”

On the other hand, an evacuation order has been issued for several neighboring homes in the surrounding five-story building. Consequently, estimated 150 area residents remain evacuated since Tuesday, mainly due to emergency workers having had suspended electricity and gas in the area. Meanwhile, utility crews have begun visiting each home in the area turn-by-turn, allowing residents to switch back on certain appliances like hot water tanks and furnaces. Pointing out that power has been restored in several areas, Gerretsen assured that “it’s a slow process, but people started to move back throughout the night.”

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