Goldstein, Controversial Screw Magazines Publisher Dies At 77

Publisher of the controversial Screw magazine, Al Goldstein, dies at 77. A friend of Goldstein informed that he took his last breath at a nursing home in Cobble Hill, Brookyln. Charles C. DeStefano, his attorney, announced that the cause of death is believed to be renal failure.

Goldstein’s Screw magazine debuted in 1968 and published the work of cartoonists ranging from Robert Crumb to Wally Wood to Art Spiegelman. Critics of Screw magazine argued that it promoted hardcore pornography. It was the first magazine to bring pornography into the cultural mainstream. Goldstein was arrested more than a dozen times on charges of obscenity until the technology took over in 2003. He folded his magazine after 1800 issues saying now ‘the Internet will give you all the porn you want.’ After that the porn king’s life took a downfall as he got a divorce from his fifth wife who left him broke, he also lost his mansion in Florida after filing for bankruptcy and was also jailed or harassing a former female employee.

Goldstein later got a job as a host at a local deli where he was paid ten dollars per hour. His last paid job was as a blogger for a porn search engine and was paid a thousand dollars a month. In an interview in 2010 he said, ‘I honestly think, down the road, one day, like Lenny Bruce, there’ll be an Al Goldstein article capturing his life and all the battles he’s waged. It won’t matter because I’ll be dead, but I really think it will make something positive.’

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