Taxpayers Federation Taunts Redford over $22 Coffees

In a series of recently exposed damming revelations from the tax watchdog, Derek Fildebrandt, it was alleged that Premier Alison Redford should have a big lump of coal under the tree this Christmas for overspending. Documents exposed by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation claim that Redford, who apart from the numerous expensive flights and hotel stays, also ordered $22 coffees at several occasions during her stay in Washington in April.

Director at CTF Alberta, Derek Fildebrandt, stated that “they could be really big coffees. It could be whole pots of coffee, but I don’t know how any coffee can be $22.” Among others in the CTF list was Jobs, Skills and Labour Minister, Thomas Lukaszuk, about whom Fildebrandt stated that “Minister Lukaszuk sure does love flying to Calgary any chance he can get.” While straightforwardly taunting the minster for his overspending, Fildebrandt alleged that “no driving for him. He even managed to find an excuse to be in Calgary on ‘government business’ for five days during Stampede.”

Apart from them both, name of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA, Mike Allen, was also highlighted in the list due to his widely reported July arrest in St. Paul, Minn. for soliciting a prostitute while on a government trip. Whereas, Justice Minister Jonathan Denis was lauded for his frugality, as Fildebrandt alleged that “last year, Denis even went to a German beer hall, and didn’t even expense a beer.”

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