Mulcair Boasts NDP’s Record Fundraising

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Despite being far short than the Liberals and the Conservatives, the New Democratic Leader Thomas Mulcair boasted having had accumulated a record breaking monthly fundraising haul by his party driven by “bite-sized chunk” donations from supporters. In a statement issued by Mr. Mulcair on Sunday, he reveled that his party was able to bag a total of $800,000 for the final month of 2013, which was better than their goal of $750,000, thus setting a party record in online fundraising.

Regardless of having had set a new record, the NDP was however still far behind its two chief rival parties, namely the Liberals and Conservatives, each of which disclosed to have surpassed the $2-million mark in the month. Despite having almost 100 MPs, the NDP has only been able to barely beat the two-MP Green Party, which also disclosed to have brought in $736,000 that month.

In his statement, Mr. Mulcair mentioned that “we are going to be able to spend the full maximum amount in the next campaign, no problem at all,” while boasting “but we’re going to keep talking to our base, which is very large across Canada but tends to, you know, deliver in bite-sized chunks, not the thousand-dollar donations some other parties seem to favour.” In a confirmation received from the Conservatives, who are usually the forerunners in bringing in the most money from donors, claimed to have set a $2-million target. In an e-mail received by Conservative party spokesman, Cory Hann, on Sunday, he mentioned that “I can say with certainty that we met our goal of $2-million in December.”

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