Calgary Humane Society to Investigate Two Cases of Animal Abuse

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Calgary Humane Society is investigating the case of two animals, a Siberian Husky and a cat, who were found in a southeast alleyway with tape wrapped around their mouths. The cat was found dead in an alleyway along 99 Ave. S.E. on Thursday, when investigators revealed that its mouth was covered in green painter’s tape. The incident holds an uncanny resemblance with another incident on January 9, 2014, where a Siberian Husky was also found starved to death and had clear medical tape wrapped around its muzzle, and was severely emaciated.

According to the officials at the Humane Society, investigators believe the tape was one of the reasons that caused the death of both animals. Cruelty Investigations Manager with the Calgary Humane Society, Brad Nichols, mentioned in a statement that “this blatant cruelty is fairly rare. We deal with a lot of neglect and a lot of abuse that stems from behavioural problems and a lack of self control but, something like this where – and I can’t think of a scenario where tape would be put around a muzzle – for an appropriate reason, these cases are fairly rare.”

The Humane Society has publicly sought any information that would lead to identification of the animals. Meanwhile, a Cochrane-based veterinary company, Vets To Go, also emerged on Thursday to offer a reward for information that would lead to the identification and conviction of the offender(s). The Chief Medical Director of Vets To Go, Dr. Wendy McClelland, mentioned that the company is in the process of lobbying for tougher animal abuse legislation.

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