Harper Promises $100M to Help in Jordanian Efforts with Syrian Refugees

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Canada has announced to have promised $100 million to Jordan in order to compensate for the challenges the country is facing due to an influx in the number of refugees from Syria. The statement explained that most of this money is intended to be used to ease the country’s overloaded child education system.

After having a meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah II on Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper mentioned that “Jordan continues to show compassion and generosity by receiving Syrian refugees fleeing the crisis in their country.” It was mentioned that “our government is committed to helping them address the challenges posed by the Syrian conflict. The support announced today will help ensure that all children in Jordan, whether local or refugees, have access to a proper education.” It was highlighted that Jordan is host to more than 576,000 refugees who fled from the civil war in Syria and settled in Jordan, who now comprise to about nine per cent of the country’s total population. The statement also acknowledged that thirty-five per cent of Syrian refugees in Jordan are school-aged children who are now attending public schools in the country.

An official statement released from Mr. Harper’s office mentioned that this influx is “adding tremendous pressure to the education system.” It was mentioned that “the school system in Jordan is under increased pressure to deliver basic education services to more children than ever before.” He alleged that “this is putting a strain on the education system in recipient local communities.”

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