Toronto Mother Held in Cuba to Miss 3-Year-Old Son’s Funeral

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A Toronto mother who recently lost her son, Justine Davis, is being kept from attending his funeral. Davis and her three-year-old son Cameron were visiting Cayo Largo in December, i.e. a small island off the main Cuban Island, when their scooter collided with a truck and resulted in Cameron’s immediate death. The accident also caused Davis a broken arm, along with other injuries, including a gash to her thigh that hasn’t apparently healed so far.

It has been six weeks since the accident and Cameron’s death but Davis is still being held in Cuba. She explains that the Cuban law enforcement officials claim that she isn’t allowed to leave the country because they’re still investigating the case. Even though Cameron’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday in Toronto, she is being held by Cuban authorities and as time passes she’s claims to be losing hope of being able to attend it.

Davis urged the Canadian government to intervene in the matter as she alleged that “this has been a total nightmare … It’s definitely going to be hard psychologically, it’s going to crush me.” During a telephonic interview from a Havana hospital on Tuesday, she stated that “I just can’t imagine not being allowed to go. I’m his mother.” Initially, Cameron’s body was embalmed in Cuba and flown to Canada on Jan. 18, where Davis’s family have postponed the funeral several times. However, the family has now decided to go ahead with the funeral on Feb. 8.

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