Organization Reveals Secret Video Showing Animal Cruelty at Ontario Farm

An animal protection organization recently revealed to have acquired a video recorded with hidden camera showing “horrific cruelty” at an Ontario turkey factory farm. According to a statement issued at the press conference held on Friday by Mercy For Animals Canada, it revealed to have observed animal abuse at Hybrid Turkeys, i.e. Canada’s largest turkey breeding company. It alleged that the video shows workers punching, kicking and throwing turkeys. It was explained that the video exposes that the Turkeys’ spines were crushed and heads bashed in with metal rods and shovels.

In a press statement, the organization stated that “the disturbing undercover footage reveals turkeys kicked and thrown by workers, violently beaten with shovels and metal rods, and crowded into filthy warehouses, left to die from festering and bloody wounds.” The organization explained that an investigator from Mercy for Animals Canada went undercover at Hybrid Turkeys Factory Farm in Kitchener, Ont., posing as an employee between Dec. 2 and Feb. 2, to gather the disturbing footage. The director of investigations at Mercy for Animals Canada, Twyla François, stated that “a culture of cruelty and neglect was allowed to fester at this factory farm under the watch of management who failed to act to intervene to prevent the suffering of these animals.”

Responding to the allegations, Hybrid Turkeys issued a statement on Friday morning, asserting that “four employees were suspended by the company based on a viewing of video taken in their barn by an undercover animal activist.” It was added that “Hybrid has pledged to fully participate in any and all investigations regarding the matter.”

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