Candidate Gives Up Liberal Nomination Race Because Trudeau ‘Broke a Promise’

A potential star Liberal candidate, Zach Paikin, has announced his decision to not run for the federal Liberal party because its leader, Justin Trudeau, broke a “key promise” to hold open nominations in federal ridings across the country. According to a written statement issued by Paikin on Monday, he mentioned that “I cannot, in good conscience, campaign to be a part of a team of candidates if others seeking to join that team are prevented from doing so if their ideas or ambitions run contrary to the party leader’s interest.”

The announcement is suspected to be triggered by the Liberal party blocking the candidacy of Christine Innes, who was allegedly seeking Liberal nomination for the Toronto-area riding of Trinity-Spadina. It is the same riding that was recently vacated by NDP MP Olivia Chow. According to party officials, the caucus decided to block Innes’s candidacy because her campaign was trying to bully and intimidate local Liberals into supporting her.

However, according to a letter addressed to Innes by Liberal national election readiness chief, David MacNaughton, the decision was prompted by a desire to protect one of Trudeau’s star candidates, i.e. Chrystia Freeland. The letter stated that MacNaughton said the party would have supported Innes’s nomination if Innes agreed not to run in the same riding as Freeland in 2015, when ridings are due to be reorganized. The letter says Innes rejected the proposal “out of hand.”

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