McGuinty Defends his Staff in Alleged Document Purge Scandal

In a written statement issued by Former Ontario premier, Dalton McGuinty, he once again completely denied ordering or even knowing about any destruction of documents in his office. The statement issued on Friday said that “as I have made clear in the past, including when I twice appeared before the legislative committee considering this matter, at no time was I made aware of nor did I direct the deletion of e-mails or documents.”

Meanwhile, New Democrat Leader, Andrea Horwath, has been repeatedly demanding a public inquiry into the cancellations. Even though Ms. Horwath has been grilling the Liberal government for the last two years, she did not issue an ultimatum and perhaps intended to leave open the possibility that she will allow the government to avoid a spring election. Court documents revealed a day earlier claim that police are investigating an alleged breach of trust by Mr. McGuinty’s former chief of staff, David Livingston. Mr. McGuinty’s statement has been issued in response to those documents as he also defended his staff member.

In his statement, McGuinty alleged that “in my office, it was my honour to serve alongside a hard-working and dedicated staff who, from top to bottom, were committed to the highest standards of public service.” McGuinty pointed out that no charges have been laid and the allegations against Mr. Livingston have not been tested in court, and hence urged people to hold off on judgment until this process is complete. The statement said that “I encourage all of us to respect this process by allowing it to come to a conclusion before we, ourselves, jump to any.”

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