Five McGill Students File Injunction to Get on Quebec Voters’ List

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Five students of McGill University have explicitly provided everything from leases and pay stubs to tax records and utility bills in order to convince the election officials that they are living in Quebec but were still not allowed to exercise their right to vote in Monday’s election. Consequently, the students have now turned to the courts.

The university students allegedly hired a well-known human-rights lawyer, Julius Grey, and filed an emergency court injunction in a bid to get on the Quebec voters’ list. The students, one of which is running for the Green Party on Monday, basically belong to cities out of province but have alleged that they are “domiciled” in Quebec, i.e. key criteria set to determine vote eligibility by election officials. According to the injunction filed in Quebec Superior Court on Tuesday afternoon, the five students claim that their requests have been turned down by election officials in “arbitrary decisions” that violate their fundamental rights.

The students have evidence to prove that they are living in Quebec since more than the six-month minimum required by law and added that they intend to stay for at least three years. Each student have submitted sworn affidavits, while one, named Simren Sandhu, claims that the he was refused after only showing the revisions officer his lease because he declined to look at all the other documents brought in. Officials complained that that they couldn’t establish his intention to stay in Quebec.

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