Unsealed Documents Show Ford’s Friends Made Treats after Crack Video

According to recently unsealed police documents, fear was spread throughout a north Etobicoke neighbourhood soon after the news of the now-infamous Ford-crack-video came to light, allegedly showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. The documents unsealed on Thursday, by the judge at Ontario Superior Court, primarily contained summaries of the wiretapped conversations related to Ford investigation.

The wiretaps included calls from Ford’s friend and occasional driver, Alexander Lisi, who made serious threats to members of the Dixon City Bloods, threatening them that their neighbourhood was going “to get lit up” until the video was returned. According to the conversation that took place on May 17, 2013, the police documents revealed that an alleged victim of an extortion attempt to obtain the video, Liban Siyad, Ford’s driver had threatened a man nicknamed Juiceman, saying: “you’re f-king dead, and everybody on your block is dead.”

Mayor Ford’s friend who lives in the house where the crack video was filmed, Elena Basso, complained in a conversation recorded May 20 that police and “Rob’s people” were “coming every day.” She alleged that “he’s got power” and that “somebody tried to, it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, everyone’s going to go f-cking, if we’re going to feel the heat everywhere.” In addition to that, Basso stated that “not just in f-king Dixon Park, we’re, we’re going to feeling it, people at Weston Road’s going to feel it, people on Jane Street gonna feel it, everywhere.”

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