Police Confirms All Mall Stabbing Victims are OK

Regina Police has confirmed that four stabbing victims targeted in an apparently random knife attack at the Cornwall Centre on Tuesday night are going to be physically OK. According to their representative, Staff Sergeant Evan Bray, only one victim was held in the hospital overnight who was tackling mere “non-life-threatening injuries,” while the rest were sent home.

According to Bray, a 15-year-old male young suspended was arrested from the scene and will now be facing several charges in court on Wednesday morning. However, the suspect’s identity is being kept a secret under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The suspect will have to face three charges including aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and two charges of breach of undertaking.

One of the witnesses present in the mall at the time, Summer Pascal, explained how the events unfolded at around 6 p.m., alleging that the first thing she saw was one of the victims. According to Pascal “he was lying down and he got up and his neck was just gushing blood.” She added that “there was blood everywhere.” Furthermore, it was explained that “he was my size, just a little kid. He just rolled up with a knife on a skateboard wearing a red rag over his face.” In addition to that, another witness who entered the mall and went back inside to see what the commotion was all about, Tyler Jordan reported that “we had seen this kid come in and then we heard all the sirens so we came back and then the cops tackled him.”

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