Air Canada to Fire Baggage Tossing Employee

Air Canada has apologized for an apparent baggage-handling incident that came to light from a YouTube video being circulated on social media. The video, titled “Air Canada baggage fail 20 ft bag toss in Toronto,” was posted on April 18 on YouTube by user TheDStewart. The video was viewed by more than 99,000 users who also generated an episode of outrage on the social media.

The video was allegedly shot from a window of an Air Canada plane that had stopped, and shows a baggage handler throwing down luggage into a bin from a height visibly more than twice that of the baggage handlers. According to an email circulated by an officer of Air Canada, Angela Mah, the airline is investigating the video and is in the process of identifying the employees involved. Furthermore, Mah promised that the suspect’s employment “will be terminated pending the outcome of (the) investigation.” The Youtube video uploader, Dwayne Stewart, explains that it was shot in Toronto Pearson International Airport while he was waiting to fly to Vancouver.

The video received mixed reviews as some found it alarming that social media users condemned the airline, while others say that an employee’s actions do not represent the many employees at Air Canada. On the other hand, some viewers even sympathized with the employee as a user TheBscit wrote that “if the employee walked down those stairs, he’d be tired before he is finished, he can risk an injury by slipping…” adding that “is the ‘chance’ of your s*** being damaged worth more than the safety of that employee?”

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