Clyde Eugene Bradford charged with the murder James Edward Clacks in Houston, Texas

Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of a man at 3802 Seabrook about 1:50 p.m. on Saturday Oct. 9.
The suspect, Clyde Eugene Bradford (b/m, DOB: 4-28-90), is charged with murder in the 177th State District Court. He is accused in the killng of James Edward Clacks, 61, of the above address. Mr. Clacks suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. A photo of the suspect is attached to this news release.
HPD Homicide Division Sergeant M.A. Countryman and Senior Police Officer S.J. Anderson reported:
An unknown male suspect drove to Mr. Clack’s residence and an argument ensued. After a brief argument, the suspect pulled out a weapon and shot the victim. The suspect then fled the scene in an unknown direction.
Further investigation and witness statements developed information that identified Bradford as the suspect in this case and, on Thursday (Oct. 14), he was taken into custody.


  1. im srry for mr.clacks family losts.but i been knowing cylde for amin and i strongly dont believe he could do such athing.just because he has tattos n he hood.he gets falsely takes two just because hes dead dont makes him innocent.put your self in his shoes

  2. Krunch. I doubt seriously that Clyde was accused “because he has tattoos and he hood”. How can you say that just because MY UNCLE is dead doesn’t make him innocent. If my uncle had a gun pointed at this young man and he shot my uncle in self-defense… Ok… there is cause.. What cause do you see in this situation? You want us to put ourselves in whose shoes? Try putting yourself in My Uncle’s shoes – This man was loading equipment in his boat to take his grandson fishing. In his own yard minding his own business. Let’s try another – Put yourself in my little cousin’s shoes.. He is in the house waiting to go fishing with his grandfather, looking at him through the window as he gets things ready for their trip and sees his grandfather gunned down. This 8 year old little boy will have to undergo counseling in order to be able to have some semblance of a normal life after witnessing something like that. Some thoughts are best kept to ourselves.

  3. Krunch,

    It seems that u are operating on pure ignorance my friend. No matter how u look at it the suspect at hand is wrong.\hat dcomment_ID James say or do that was so bad that he had to lose his life in such a way? Okay to save face let’s just say that your patna is a good person! That alone will not bring James back or change the fact that there are eye witnesses that saw it all go down. This is NOT a case of stereo typing or profiling but rather a case of JUSTICE hopefully taking place.Yes I knew the victim (he’s my family) but that has nothing to do with my assessment of your poorly advertised attempt to turn a COWARD/ KILLER into a choirboy. What’s done in the dark shall come to light and by your friend unjustly taking a life he has determined his own ill fate!! God Bless!!! R.I.P James Clacks!!!

  4. Can we all wait until the facts are all in. Dcomment_ID anyone see the composite of the person whom killered Mr. Clacks. That is not Clyde. He is not 6’1 or 6’2 and not 30 years old. You are inocents until proven gulty, Let not think what the laws are doing. They just want to close the case. I am sorry for the lost of life to the Clack family. Clyde car is not a Ford Tempo and his Friends tried to tell the da that clyde was with her, but the Da dcomment_IDnt want to hear that, Please lets not jump to the way the laws want us to go. Black people will always be down because we dont have money to buy lawyers so we have to give into the system. let look at the fact that we know of for there maybe more. Yes i do know Clyde he dcomment_IDn’t do this, LOOK AT THE COMPOSITE AND SEE WHO YOU THINK IT WAS thanks so much
    Clyde Granmother….

  5. To these people. who ever the guy is who dcomment_ID it. He deserves double life!! I know my Father says to love your brother…but people makes it so difficult. I despise that person with a passion. He murdered “my” grandpa. A man i would never be able to see because of some fools ignorance. He dcomment_IDnt deserve that. He was a good man, dad &nd grandpa. . who dcomment_IDnt cause any harm to anybody. That cant be brought back. 😥 and to the rest who think my grandpa played a part…GET THE STORY STRAIGHT. YOU DNT KNOW WHT HaPPEND.

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