Ford Fest Draws Thousands of Supporter’s to Scarborough park

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Despite growing criticism over city officials issuing a permit for Ford Fest, due to an undisputed policy banning political activity on municipal property during an election campaign, the event took place at Thomson Memorial Park in Scarborough on Friday night. Although there were some residents who came to protest at the event, there were thousands more who turned out for free burgers, pop, and a chance to meet Toronto’s world famous mayor, Rob Ford.

According to a stay-at-home mom who held a Ford Nation flag, Anne Marie Williams, “he cares about taxpayers and the middle class — and gives out free burgers.” Another attendant named Delroy David mentioned that “he’s down to earth. I like the guy” and added that “he took a big step by putting himself in rehab. I pray he keeps it up.” According to one of the organizers, nearly five thousands flags were collected in no time and an estimate of 12,000 residents attended the event. Although it is difficult to verify the number of residents attending the event, the mayor’s well-wishers were never hard to find.

One of the attendant shouted to anyone within earshot that “he might have an addiction, I have an addiction, but he’s admitted it.” A women stressed that “I’m here because I love Rob Ford. He’s a people’s person,” while another added that “everybody has their problems.” Many attendants admired about Mayor Ford having had sought help for substance abuse in a rehab facility earlier this summer.

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  1. Unfortunately for the Frod nation gang there was a camera enabled drone flown overhead that took pictures. They are all over twitter. So much for the 5 thousand lie. Maybe 1200 people tops. Looks like no free booze this year really diminished these so called “fans” of Ford.

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