Saunders’ Family Enters Courtroom for the First Time

Loretta Saunders’ family members, including her mother, brother and sister, were finally allowed into the courtroom for the first time since the preliminary hearing of the two suspects, namely 26-year-old Blake Leggette and 28-year-old Victoria Henneberry, accused of killing her. Saunders’ family members were previously listed as witnesses for the defence, although they were never called to the stand, and hence were ineligible to enter the courtroom this week.

Now since Saunders’ family members are no longer listed as witnesses, they were allowed to enter the courtroom on Friday. Saunders’ sister, Delilah, faced the accused for the first time and alleged that “it was really difficult not being able to talk about it, waiting out here and seeing my brother coming out crying.” She added that “so, finally being able to share what went on in the court was a big relief.” The Crown and the defence submitted their closing statements on Friday, outlining the evidence to be seen by Judge Anne Derrick over the next week while deciding whether the case should go to trial.

The crown concluded in its closing statement to the court, why it had pressed first-degree murder charges against the accused. Crown prosecutor, Christine Driscoll, mentioned that “we are very pleased with how the evidence came out and we are pleased with the submissions,” and added that “we are confident in whatever decision Justice Derrick makes and whatever decision she makes is a just decision.”

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