After Spending Time in US Jail, ‘Prince of Pot’ Returns to Canada

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Pot,’ Mr. Marc Emery, has finally made his long-awaited and highly anticipated return to Canada after serving time in a US prison since 2010 for selling marijuana seeds. Mr. Emery officially entered Canada through the Windsor border on Tuesday afternoon.

At the time of his arrival, several of his supporters lit up joints and smoked pot with vaporizers as a welcome gesture for the awaited leader to come out of Windsor City Hall. In his remarks, Mr. Emery stressed that it was long past time to legalize weed but Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and the federal Conservatives are standing in the way. Criticizing the role of current government, Mr. Emery alleged that “Prime Minister Stephen Harper more than any other politician in the past 40 years believed in this prohibition.  He wants to punish us.  He wants to portray marijuana use as a sin that requires harsh punishment.”

Consequently, Mr. Emery quite expectedly requested all his supporters to back the Liberals, i.e. a party his wife Jodie recently joined, because they most openly support legalizing of marijuana. Federal Liberal party leader, Justin Trudeau, mentioned at numerous occasion that he will legalize pot in next year’s federal election, explaining that “because I do believe they are sincere and that they will legalize marijuana and I want to remind everyone that to legalize means no one ever goes to jail for marijuana use.” 56-year-old Pot activist reportedly served a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds to customers on both sides of the border.

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