New Democrats Suggest Alberta to Sell Government Planes

New Democrats have proposed a viable solution to the ongoing crisis situation over government aircraft usage in the province of Alberta, which is under extreme scrutiny and criticism these days. The New Democrats have proposed that the government should sell off its province-owned aircraft and utilize that money for a public inquiry.

MLA Deron Bilous mentioned in his remarks that the sale of the fleet could save millions of dollars a year. He explained that “the sale of the planes we estimate at around $10-million, which should be more than enough to cover a public inquiry and there should be money left over that could go into government revenues and help pay for things like new schools or a new Misericordia Hospital.” Bilous alleged that the province doesn’t need government aircraft because there are ample commercial options available that are cheaper to avail than having the fleet. Bilous stated that “Alberta is the only province in the country that still has a government fleet” adding that “when we look at the availability of commercial flights today a person can get to Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Red Deer and really all over the province with commercial flight.”

Furthermore, Bilous added that Albertans deserve to know what went on and added that “the Auditor General’s report exposed the facts and really only went after former premier Alison Redford.” He said that “what he did uncover was that there were cabinet ministers and other Tory MLAs who used the government planes for political purposes.”

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