City Workers’ Union Complains About Ford Disclosing Bomb Threat Publicly

The union representing approximately 20,000 workers at the City of Toronto has filed a grievance and a formal complaint to condemn what it called a “complete breakdown” of city protocol by Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, by publicly disclosing bomb threat emailed to his brother, councillor Doug Ford, on Monday.

The president of CUPE Local 79, Tim Maguire, mentioned in his remarks that the mayor was “irresponsible” to hold a scrum outside his office, when he reported the threat. According to Maguire, the mayor put City Hall employees and visitors to the building at risk by speaking publicly. He explained that “this crosses a line when people’s health and safety, when their state of mind when they’re trying to deliver service to Torontonians is interrupted by this irresponsible handling of a threat like this.”

Mr. Maguire pointed out that The City of Toronto’s Bomb Threat and Suspicious Package Response Policy demands the public employees “not make any comments to any members of the public or media regarding any threat or evacuation at any City of Toronto facility” and that the situation should be kept calm “for the safety of employees and the public.” Mr. Maguire highlighted that “if the protocol isn’t followed then there could be chaos and pandemonium around people reacting with passion rather than rationally to a threat like this,” he said. “We also want to make sure that people that are issuing these threats…aren’t emboldened to get the kind of attention they might be looking for.”

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  1. Many people feel the Fords wrere behind the threat in the first place. It’s their style. “Look at me folks. My life is threatened but I’m still here saving the taxpayers money”.

    Fortunately, on October 28, Rob Ford will be thrown out of office by a Toronto voters.

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