Toronto Pan Am Games Tickets’ Early Access Period Starts Sept. 15

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Organizers of the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games have announced that early access period to request tickets for the event will start on Sept. 15. It has been confirmed that a lottery system would be used to provide tickets for high-demand events in order to ensure fans equal access to tickets.

An estimate of 400 ticketed events are anticipated to be sold for the July 10-26 Games and almost 1.4 million tickets will be available. Sources have confirmed that ticket prices will range from $20-$140 for athletic events and $90-$350 for the ceremonies. CEO of the organizing committee, Saad Rafi, mentioned in his remarks that “we’ve gone with the theme of, ‘Affordable, Fun and Accessible,’ and we want families to show up.” Tickets will be available for request via the Games’ website or by phone for the next three weeks and will end on Oct. 6. Customers. Later in November, recipients will receive an email confirmation to reveal the status of ticket requests.

The two most expensive events are athletics medal events ($80-$140) and swimming ($40-$140), while competitions like baseball ($20-$35), soccer ($20-$35) and rugby sevens ($20-$45) are on the cheaper side. Rafi alleged that “best of all, our tickets are priced to be affordable for families — more than 75 per cent will be $45 or less.” Rafi stated that “our ceremonies and gold-medal event tickets will be in great demand, so we encourage everyone to plan their Games experience now.”

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