Robbers Attack Armored Vehicle, Steal $400K, Hurt 2 Guards

Police is currently investigation a case where two armed suspects used pepper spray to injure two armored car guards and managed to flee with an estimated $400,000 in front of a Brossard, Que., bank on Thursday night. The incident took place outside Royal Bank, which the guards were servicing, at the Place Portobello shopping centre on Taschereau Boulevard. The suspects were armed with guns and wore Halloween masks.

According to Longueuil police, it has yet to confirm the total amount of cash that was stolen with Garda, i.e. the armoured car company. Meanwhile, officers have cordoned off the area while they search for evidence and investigators inspect the security camera footage of the attack. Whereas on the other hand, the two guards are shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment of pepper spray and shock.

The unforeseen heist has reinforced calls for improved security measures on armoured cars as guard union voices their demand for better security. According to the president of Quebec’s armoured car guard union, Angélique Paquette, the union had already approached Quebec Public Security Minister Lise Thériault and urged to increase the number of guards required on deliveries to three. It was explained that “we’re worried for our members’ security, and the public’s as well. As we’ve been saying for a long time, a third guard can make a big difference.” She stressed that a third guard would stay with the truck while the two other guards make a delivery and “that guard can react and intervene.”


  1. Unfortunately the nice young lady with good intentions from the union is mistaken. In general, more guards just equals more bad guys with more weapons. If there was a choice between a two person route and a three person route (always with one person remaining inscomment_IDe the vehicle) a bad guy might choose the easier target (the route with only one guard making the delivery). But that’s if they had a choice. If the standard was a three man route, there’s no two man routes to choose from. All this union lady will accomplish is getting more people hired and raising the prices of armoured car service so that smaller shops will not be able to afford the luxury of armoured service. In regards to her quote about the third guard intervening is also untrue. If she has any comment_content_IDea at all about this industry she is flat out lying. If not, then she’s ignorant and shouldn’t be making those comments. Either way she is taking an unfortunate act of violence to bolster her union at the cost of affordable service for the small business owner.

  2. Yup! More guards, more guns, more bullets because then the thieves will need(and have) more men, more guns, more bullets too! Stepping up security is fun to say, and fun to imagine a perfect world where more equals the solution. Reality strikes home, when even with four guards, can you imagine the carnage left when thieves use machine guns, armour piercing ammo, even perhaps grenades or high explosive devices? Yup! More guards, equals more carnage, not perhaps, more security? Who knows for sure? not you, not me, only the cristal ball, perhaps? Thank goodness no one was killed! These are for sure desperados, perhaps druggies with serious addiction concerns, and perhaps could go to extremes to achieve their purpose? I agree some what with your comments. Yet, it is a theory only. A theory I know that every security company weighs into the equasion, where costs are factors, number of guards, types of ammunitions, what protection weapons to carry, times for working hours, etc. Let’s try your method for now. I do like. Perhaps, should there be another event similar to this, then safety can be reviewed once again? Clearly, something is amiss with this? Something went wrong, was wrong, should be corrected, needs to be corrected, has to be corrected, must be studied for correction possibilities(which are limitless) so to protect our working security people, protect that money from being thieved, and all these possibilities require bright minds, a study of intelligence and yup, Canada can do more!

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