Sentencing Resumes for Guilty Child Abductor Kevin Maryk

Court has finally resumed sentencing hearing of a Winnipeg man, Kevin Maryk, who has pled guilty to abduction of his two young children and fleeing to Mexico, igniting a four-year manhunt. The children were 5-year-old Dominic and 7-year-old Abby at the time of their abduction. Maryk did not return the kids to their mother, Emily Cablek, following a court-ordered visit they had with their father in August 2008.

Consequently, the police finally managed to track Maryk and his kids in May 2012. Thereafter, Maryk pled guilty to two counts of child abduction during the court proceedings in June. Consequently, the Crown had asked for five more years of jail, whereas the defence argued that Maryk had already spent five months in a Mexican jail and 22 more months in a Winnipeg prison and so should be freed now.

During the court proceedings in June, defense attorney Todd Bourcier told court that Maryk “is a father who made a bad mistake” as he thought he was doing the best for his children by taking them from their mother. In addition to that, the court also heard an emotional impact statement by Cablek, which explained a detailed version of difficulties faced by the children and the transition period Cablek and her children had to face since Maryk was caught and brought back in 2012. She also mentioned that “I was terrified when I first saw them” because “I didn’t know if they would recognize me or be mad at me.”

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