Still No Talks as Time Runs Out for B.C. Schools to Start

Despite the lessening number of days left to the scheduled start of school year, there are still no new talks planned in the teachers strike. Consequently, parents are left with no choice but to either get ready for school or find alternative daycare. B.C. School Trustees Association president, Theresa Rezansoff, mentioned that “there’s not a lot of time left” adding that “schools will be able to open on Sept. 2 if a deal is reached.”

In case there’s a last-minute deal between the striking teachers and the province, it will still be up to individual school boards on whether schools open on time or not. According to an online open letter to parents by Vancouver school superintendent, Steve Cardwell, “a decision on school opening will likely not be made until Friday to provide both parties with the maximum amount of time to reach a negotiated settlement.” It was explained that in case there is a settlement before Sept. 2, all schools will be expected to open that day but possibly with “disruptions in regular instruction.” However, in case there is no deal before then, parents are asked not to send their children to school. Although, Cardwell stressed that there’s still a big “if.”

Meanwhile, teachers are returning to picket lines set up on Monday in Langley, Kamloops and some smaller districts. B.C. Teachers Federation spokeswoman has alleged that picket lines will be set up in all districts by Wednesday or Thursday in order “to try to put pressure on the government and to make visible the teachers’ desire to return to work on Sept. 2.”

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