Winnipeg Police Examining Bones Found by Volunteers on Riverbank

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Winnipeg police have confirmed to be looking into the bones found by searchers last evening on the banks of the Red River. However, they claim it’s too early to identify them as human or animal. During a press conference this morning, Const. Jason Michalyshen explained that “these bones have been seized and they will be processed. What we’re dealing with, whether it’s human, we’re not going to speculate.”

The bones were spotted by a volunteer participating in the search being conducted by family and friends of missing and murdered aboriginal women, called Drag the Red River. Appreciating those participating in the search, Const. Michalyshen alleged that “I want to say this wholeheartedly, the Winnipeg Police Service supports their search efforts.” Furthermore, it was explained that the search organizers are in regular contact with a police officer who’s specially assigned as their liaison, whereas two officers are also dedicated additionally for river patrol boat primarily to ensure searchers’ safety on and near the Red River.

In his remarks, Michalyshen stated that “we respect that members of the public are taking it upon themselves. They want answers. They want resolution. They want it as much as we do. This is a community coming together and we absolutely respect that.” In addition to that, he stated that “we’re on hand. We’re present and if we’re needed, we’re absolutely there… Our role is really quite simply is to ensure safety of everyone participating in that search.”

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