Péladeau Reforming Personal Image before PQ Leadership Race

In continuance of his Facebook campaign to soften his image, Péladeau has now further implemented a personal remake just as the Parti Québécois leadership race is about to kick off. Meanwhile, his opponents are starting to gang up on him about it, as Coalition Avenir Québec Leader, François Legault, mentioned on Wednesday that “I understand he’s taken a 180-degree turn and has become almost a Marxist-Leninist, but I’m not certain Mme. Ouellet and Laviolette are buying Pierre Karl Péladeau’s new line.”

Péladeau’s opponents, namely Vachon MNA Martine Ouellet and Marc Laviolette, are both members of the PQ left wing. Whereas, Legault and Péladeau are both former businessmen who attempted to graft themselves to the PQ, which prides itself on its social-democratic roots. However, Legault failed to change the party and formed the CAQ. Whereas on the other hand, Péladeau recently rose in the legislature for the first time in weeks and complained about the Couillard government’s austerity agenda. Targeting Treasury Board President, Martin Coiteux, during question period, Péladeau stated that “austerity is not a vision,” and “will the government table a real economic development strategy this fall? Yes or No.”

Péladeau gave similar remarks earlier to Le Devoir in an interview over the weekend, accusing the government of “crying wolf” over the state of Quebec’s finances and indiscriminately taking a chainsaw to the machine. During a discussion with reporters on his way into a PQ caucus, Péladeau alleged that “he’s only working on spending, not on revenues.”

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