Trudeau Refuses to Support Canadian Combat Mission in Iraq

The Liberal Party has refrained from supporting a Canadian combat mission in Iraq as its Leader, Justin Trudeau, stressed that he is unconvinced of the need to send Canadian fighter jets to fight against Islamic State extremists. Mr. Trudeau mentioned in a speech-style news conference on Thursday that he feels there is more need for humanitarian aid to deal with the crisis in Iraq, adding that he has “serious concerns” about the potential for a Canadian participation in ongoing air strikes.

During a question-and-answer period after his speech to the Canada 2020 conference, Mr. Trudeau alleged that “why aren’t we talking more about the kind of humanitarian aid that Canada can and must be engaged in, rather than, you know, trying to whip out our CF-18s and show them how big they are.” Mr. Trudeau explained that he hasn’t yet made up his mind on endorsing the expansion of Canada’s military mission.

Whereas on the other hand, The Prime Minister’s Office responded to Trudeau’s comments on Canada’s fleet of fighter jets. Director of communications at PMO, Jason MacDonald, mentioned that “Mr. Trudeau’s comments are disrespectful of the Canadian Armed Forces and make light of a serious issue. Our involvement in the fight against ISIL is, and has been, motivated by a desire to do our part in fighting a group that has made direct terrorist threats against Canada and Canadians, in addition to carrying out atrocities against children, women and men in the region.” He added that “as the Prime Minister has said: we take that seriously and will do our part.”

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