Mulcair Says Any Debate over Iraq Mission is ‘Phoney’

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has mentioned in his remarks today that Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has already made up his mind to plunge Canada into a combat mission and hence any parliamentary consultation on the issue is just “phoney.”

Despite earlier news about Canada offering to send 69 military advisers to Iraq, it was revealed by the Conservatives on Wednesday that only 29 are on the ground in Iraq. Whereas in addition to that, Canada is also flying military aid provided by other countries and has so far at least completed 25 flights carrying more than 680,000 kilograms of military equipment to northern Iraq. Mulcair mentioned in a statement that “there’s no question that Mr. Harper’s mind’s already been made up so any consultation at this stage of the game, frankly, will be phoney,” adding that “this is not a UN mission, it’s not a NATO mission, and Canadians should have full information before we plunge head long into another war.”

Whereas on the other hand, Mulcair also disparaged Harper for planning to announce his decision over what Canada will do to help fight ISIS on Friday. Mr. Mulcair stated that “on issues of national importance, and there is nothing more important about the life of our country than asking whether we’re going to tell young Canadians to go into war,” adding that “[but] Mr. Harper’s playing a political game. He’s not providing information to Canadians, he’s not providing information to Parliament… There’s been no discussion, no debate. Now they say there’s going to be a vote, but it’s going to be a fait accomplish.”

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