Gas Ignites at SaskEnergy Pumping Station, None Injured

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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RCMP has confirmed that there were no injuries caused in an explosion at a TransGas pumping station near Prudhomme, Sask. According to a spokesperson for SaskEnergy, Dave Burdeniuk, “we had no employees on site at the time because it is a facility that runs automated on evenings and weekends.” The facility is located about six kilometres south of Prudhomme.

Burdeniuk explained that there was a gas release from one of its seven caverns on site that ignited at around 10:10 a.m. on Saturday. Thereafter, the automated system successfully shut down the facility immediately and isolated the fire. Meanwhile, firefighters from Vonda and Prudhomme and TransGas employees arrived at the scene and endeavored to extinguish it Saturday afternoon. A press release confirmed that the RCMP evacuated the area in a two-mile perimeter around the facility and that no major roads or highways were affected. Burdeniuk stated that “right now, we just need to keep everyone out of the area.”

Even though the pumping station provides gas to Saskatoon and the surrounding area, Burdeniuk claimed that the incident will not affect their service. Furthermore, Burdeniuk stated that “we don’t generally have incidents like this, so it could take some time (for the station to be back online), but we do have other ways of getting gas into that region from other facilities, so it’s not a concern for service.” However, Burdeniuk failed to explain how much gas was released in the incident.

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