Montreal Teacher Wins $1-M in Lawsuit over Homework

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Montreal teacher, 56-year-old Mary Kanavaros, has won a $1-million suit against a student’s parents who filed a lawsuit because their son had to redo homework. Arguing that her life was destroyed, Kanavaros was not in a good mood even after her big victory at Quebec Superior Court. She mentioned that “this is a very serious situation that should not have happened to me and should never happen to anyone.”

The issue at heard of the case took place at an elementary school in Westmount in 2004, when Kanavaros asked a nine-year-old student to redo homework because she believed the child’s mother had done the assignment. However, the parents, Hagop Artinian and Kathryn Rosentein, got infuriated and sued not only the teacher, Kanavaros, but also school principal and the school board. The parents sought $155,000, alleging that their son was humiliated.

After four years of negotiation, the school and the parents agreed to keep the case confidential but parents broke that agreement by talking to the media. Consequently, Kanavaros claimed that her reputation was broken and her depression led her to stay home and quit her job. Thereafter, the teacher sued the parents for libel and was awarded $ 234,000 in 2010. The Court heard that Kanavaros has not been able to work since and is prone to panic attacks and has no energy. This week, Quebec Superior Court ordered the “parents to pay her $912,327 to compensate for the salary she would have earned to retirement since leaving her job in 2011 and another $100,000 in damage.”

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