Experts Say Ford Might Still Make Headlines as Councilor

Former Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, has only been able to win a seat as a Toronto city councillor while his brother, Doug Ford, failed to win the mayoral race. Quite noticeably, outgoing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was in the headlines of every news in the last year, whether be his crack and alcohol use or more recently his battle with cancer.

University of the Fraser Valley Professor, Hamish Telford, alleged that Rob Ford might not be a prominent personality now that his brother Doug is no longer by his side in council this term. Whereas on the other hand, Telford confessed that “I don’t know if it will end the jokes about the Ford family, although they’re not going to be in such positions of prominence going forward. They won’t have the stature they did as mayor and right hand man to the mayor. Comedians make their living of making fun of people. I don’t think that Americans or foreign comedians will take note of John Tory, but Canadian satirists might in a different sort of way. He will probably get mocked for his “boringness” than his outlandishness.”

Telford shared that Ford might be able to avoid unwanted attention by simply focusing on politics and his health. Telford stated that “he is prone to, I don’t even know how to describe it, sort of outrageous moments. We saw that amazing video clip in a council meeting, where he was rushing around the council to get at somebody and bowling over a council woman on the way. If he’s videotaped again in a drunken stupor raging away at various perceived villains he will certainly make the news.”

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